Epson 9800 - no Ink comes out



I have an Epson 9800 - no Ink comes out of the heads. Other then that everything seems to be working very well - including the cleaning cycles* … I can watch the ink pump through. When I go to print everything runs smoothly and the paper comes out perfectly blank.

I purchased the printer from a friend.* He had recently changed the printing head, pump assembly and dampers.* The printer was working fine except that he got tired of running cleaning cycles and decided to get a new printer and retire this one.* He put ink flush in the cartridges and ran it through the system.*The printer is in very good condition, only had the one owner who had a place for it in his studio.

I picked up the printer in Colorado and drove it to New Mexico.* When I plugged it in and tried to get it to work … nothing printed.

The printer was used with your color inks and has your cartridges in it. If I open the plug on one of the ink cartridges there is pressure. And everything is clean.

The two things I have come up with are a dead head … or an F6 fuse on the mother board. Wondering how to check these or if you have any other ideas.

thanks michael


Hi Michael~

Removing the fill hole of a cart and hearing pressure release means the carts are correctly pressurizing.
If the printer was working fine before it left Colorado, but now nothing prints from any channel, and you have already done some cleaning cycles, then it may be an electrical issue… (?)

Does the printer’s pressure pump turn on while the printer sits idle?
Did your friend flush ConeColor ink from the printer using our Pink PiezoFlush fluid, or a different flush fluid?
Please open the front cover and examine the length of ink lines inside- are they all filled with fluid, or is there air inside?
Have you done any regular or power clean cycles?



He had another brand of the flush that came from the epson tech who changed the head … I power cleaned the pink stuff though it, and have been running a cleaning cycles. I do not think we are dealing with clogs as it is a new head … and absolutely nothing comes out. The ink lines are all moving ink and have gone from white to pink as your stuff replaced the old stuff … and I could see pink in the drain tubed for the pump/capping station. Ive done regular and power clean … fluid runs through during cleaning cycles but nothing prints.

I usually turn the printers off when they are idle … I’ve never notice the pressure pump with my other 9800 when it is idle, only when I start a print or futz with the cart. So i have not noticed the pump coming on when this one is idle … it seems to come on when I start it up or open an ink cartridge … and again I pop a plug and there was pressure.

I just took things apart and looked for a fuse on the mother board … the f6 fuse that would cut out the head seems a little diode a mystery beyond my skills … and the only fuse there is - isa big fuse is insulated and looks fine … so looked like nothing I could do there. The capping station is new … and ink is going through is … so I hate to pulpit for a new one (which I have). And I have not gone into the head and looked at dampers. I seem to remember when I changed dampers on my other machine nothing came out with a power clean… and I had to go back in and pull ink through, but since ink is moving through the lines on cleaning cycles I would think it is not an ink charging issue … or capping station.

The manual says it could be three things … The mother board, the print head … or the capping station … I am wondering if there is a diagnostic to distinguish which one it might be. It is a real clean machine … and runs smoothly … I would love to get it up and working. On the other hand If I know the gremlin … and my other machine dies I can swap out … the part.



If you’ve been able to get pink PiezoFlush thru the lines by doing some power clean cycles, then you have flow and aren’t dealing with clogs… If nothing prints from any channel, then I suspect electrical- either cable or board.
Sorry to not have the magic answer, and wish you the best of luck getting it working again! Please give us an update if you’re able to get it figured out, I’m curious what it turns out to be.

Best~ Dana


Thanks Dana

There is one thing I just want to be clear on … the capping station looks good and and I can see ink in the drain tubes … It is something that is easy to change out and I do have an extra on hand, but I can not wrap my mind around thinking it is the problem when I get a complete blank print and the ink comes through on the cleanings. So the question is with a bad seal or capping station yet ink sucking through on the cleanings … could I get a complete blank ?? From what you suggest and what I figure is problems with the capping station would not still have something printing. … right ??

I think I am going to consign this to the long term to figure things out. I have another 9800 that is currently working well. At some point if it has major problems I may try swapping the board out … or heads. So I am going to let this one sit.

I do have a corollary question: once the head has had say a couple of quarts of cleaning solution go through it … could I store the printer with out running cleaning cycles or flush fluid in the printer; That is drain it, wrap it and put it away for months or even years?? Can I let a clean head dry out in storage??

thanks michael


If the head were totally clogged, then there would be no flow during cleaning cycles. If the capping station wasn’t sealing well with the print head, then I would think you would still get something printing on the paper (unless the print head was completely dried out and clogged, which it’s not, since ink is flowing during cleaning cycles).
Since fluid flows thru the head and into the waste ink tank during cleaning cycles, but nothing at all prints on the paper, I suspect electrical failure of some sort.

If you have PiezoFlush thru all the lines and flowing thru the head, then you can safely store it filled with flush. I have never flushed a printer, then drained the ink system, so can not provide any insight or advice about that.

I wish you the best~ Dana