Epson 9800 image size problem. Print Tool

hi everyone. I need urgent advice.
In Print tool software, I have entered my photo. The dimension are 700cm x 118cm. The photo looks perfect in the ruler and image and paper sizer correspond perfect. My ficher weighs 3gb.

Now when I go to print, using Print Tool, of course I have to wait a little, but its good. The Epson starts to print. However, my problem is the actuel size of the print. On a roll of awagami bamboo paper (44inch) my image starts to appear very tiny. I stop the process and begin to compare my photo on my screen compared to my print. It seems as though the printer decides to a small section of the photo, right in the middle of the image, About 10cm widened a good 35 cm from top of paper.

What have I over looking ?

please help

thank you in advance


You can’t print less than 8.52 inches tall on a 9800. In other words you need to have a minimum paper size of about A4 for this printer. This is an uncorrected bug in Epson printer since they first created the 9500 and it has propagated throughout the history of all of their printers all the way through the P-series. I have brought this up with them several times without response.


Hello M walker. Thank you for getting back to me rapid.

I am not to sure if I fully understand your answer, (sorry) .
My printing area in inches is 275,591 x46,567 inches; This is what shows on my screen. but when the printer imprints, I have a tiny image .

Please help me to explain a little better.

Many thanks


Hi David

I also print to a 9800 and sometimes will get errors (like it prints just black, or it crops and prints just a section) when I send files that are too large in size.

I believe maybe the problem is the size of the file you are sending is too big and there is a limit to the size of file the machine can receive.

Try reducing the resolution (as much as this sounds like a bad idea and goes against every instinct) but keep the document dimensions and see if that helps?

Or crop the leading 15 or 20cm of your file and send that and see if prints


Thank you Neil. I will try this.

Meanwhile, doit existé a printer capable of printing images this size, bearing in mincit would need to be home install?

Have a good weekend

Hi David

I am not 100% sure if this is the cause of your problem, I am just guessing.
I have had problems in the past when sending files too small to the printer and it prints a small crop only.
Or sending files that are too big and then it prints solid black.
Recently I tried to print a 16bit greyscale file that was approx 100x125cm @ 720ppi (1.8GB) and it would only print solid black. Then I reduced file size to 100x125cm @ 360ppi (approx 500MB) then it printed no problem.
I am not sure where in the process this ‘limitation’ is enforced?
So I am not sure if the problem is the printer or another part of the system?

I am on macOS 10.14, prepping files in PS then output through Print Tool (in QTR) to an 9800 loaded with Pro inks using curves that I have created in PPEv2 using an i1Pro2.


Hi Neil Thank you for taking the time to write back to me.

I have reduced my file to 2gb 800cm x118cm this photo, is a panoramic . Even with this new diminuions . Strange things happing . I can start to print the phot. However, the first 10cm of the photo start to make patten that repeats its self.itis though it has decided to cut and copy 10cm of the photo and print for 8m long…
So my deadline has passed and now I have cut my photo in several smaller pieces …
very upset
I need to face my clients next week .

Thank you once again


Qimage has a feature than enables you to break a panorama image into multiple pieces [ Edit - not quite right - see p.s. below ] and print them seamlessly as if they were still one continuous image. This was done primarily to overcome page size limitations on some printers, but may help in your case. I have absolutely no idea whether the 9800 supports roll/banner mode, which is required.

Note that Qimage is a Windows program, but I believe a Mac port was released a few years ago. I’m not sure whether the Mac port is now a full port and thus supports this workflow. If not, then a Windows PC should get you out of trouble, if the 9800 supports roll/banner mode.

p.s. My statement " enables you to break a panorama image into multiple pieces" was misleading. With this Qimage workflow, you don’t need to break the image into multiple pieces, as you have already done. You print the complete file and Qimage splits it over 2 or more “pages”, which are printed without gaps. If your printer has the requisite options.

I’ve been fooling with these limitations the last week … I have a very large beautiful file I would like to optimize for a large print. Have encountered the black print, the multiple start banded print, and most disappointing a print that ran about 90% perfectly, and then just stopped, tried it again and it stopped in the same place. I figure I am running up against a max size in the code.

Does anyone know what the max size I can use in print tool on a mac??

Also If I print in 8bit as apposed to 16print are there any notable differences ???

thanks michael

sorry for the late answer. Thank you for taking the time to write .