Epson 9800 ICC profiles and Gloss Optimizer (GO)


I have an Epson 9800 Printer loaded with ConeColor Pro K3 (pK) inks.
I would like to print on Canson Baryta Photographique paper.

Three questions:

1 - RE: ICC Profiles for Epson 9800
I didn’t see any ICC profiles for the 9800 on Inkjetmall for the Canson Baryta Photographique ( .
I do see ICC profiles on Canson’s website but are profiled for Epson K3 inks. (
Would these be the recommended profiles to use with my setup or are there better options?

2 -RE: ConeColor 3K-Vivid + Epson 9800
On Inkjetmall’s ICC page (, There’s a listing for an Epson 9880 ConeColor Pro K3-Vivid ICC profiles.
Is it safe to use the 9880 ICC profiles on a 9800 if I intend to switch to ConeColor K3V inks?

3- RE: Gloss Optimizer (GO):
Anyone tried applying GO on Canson Baryta Photographique paper printed with ConeColor inks?
I read on the InkJetMall forums that it requires two passes of GO with Piezography Inks.
I was wondering if anyone had any experience using GO with ConeColor K3 inks?..
Or, if it would make any noticeable difference in d-max and smoothness?

Greetings from Hawaii,

  1. We do not have 9800 profiles at this time. I suggest getting a custom ICC for this printer. Cone Color inks are not built to match third party paper/iccs only Epson paper/iccs.

  2. Cone Color Vivid works just fine in the 9800 however you will need a custom profile as the internal lookup tables between the 9800 and 9880 are entirely different (not just the magenta inks).

  3. 1 pass of GO will work fine on ConeColor prints. 2 pass is required for Piezography only. Our new Piezography Pro ink will incorporate a newly formulated GO at the same time as the ink all in the first pass. I really recommend GO with CC k3 inks. The results are amazing! The image is truly embedded into the print with zero gloss differential between ink and paper.


Aloha Walker,

Sounds like some interesting developments happening there… I’m looking forward to it. Is there set date for the release of Piezography Pro for the 9800?

Unlike PiezoDN which released in stages, Piezography Pro should release for the x800x880, x890x900 printers all at once.