Epson 9800 and 7890

I have both models of Epson printers (9800 and 7980). I ran a test yesterday using the same photograph with Qimage and a Epson Premium Glossy paper using a proper ICC profile.

With the two printer outputs side by side I notice the 7890 is crisper and more virburent. When I bought the ink I have noted that the printers use similar ink color carts. The Vivid Mag and the Yellow are noted differences. Do your inks track these changes in color? If so can I use the 7980 colors in the 9800.?


You can use the 7890 colors in the 9800. However, what is also different about the 7890 is the placement of the dots (the dithers) and total ink amount (ink ramps, etc). This effects total gamut as well.

But yes, you can put the 7890 colors in the 9800. It helps.