Epson 9600, is it worth $350?

Hello all, we currently use a 1430 and a 3880 for our printing needs and would like to start offering larger prints. I’ve been offered a Epson 9600 for $350 but I don’t know much about them, can anyone give me a review and perhaps what to look out for when I go to see it?

The unit hasn’t been used in a couple months but apparently was working fine when it was last used. I need to bring a waste tank, ink and a laptop with the drivers installed to test it out. I know thats a decent investment just to test a printer but from what I know of Epson printers if it has serious problems such as bad heads it isn’t worth buying. That being said if it does work fine or has just a minor issue would $350 be a good price?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi FrancisK~

Epson has stopped making replacement parts for the 7600/9600 printer models, so if it needs any new parts, they will be difficult if not impossible to find.
Has the printer been sitting without any ink installed (which is why you have to bring your own ink)? If the printer works great, and doesn’t need any new parts, then $350 is reasonable, but you don’t know how long the printer will last, and may not be able to fix it when needed.

I hope this helps, best regards~ Dana