Epson 7900 won't recognize flush carts

I’m in the midst of doing an init fill using 350ml piezoflush carts for the first time. Can’t get the printer to recognize the new carts even after opening and closing doors, several times and in several attempted combinations. HELP!

I have been using K3 ConeColor inks successfully in my 7900 printer for a little more than 3 years (since day-one when printer was new). The production ink carts are 700ml, only removed occasionally to be refilled with ink. Never any troubles resetting or recognizing these carts. Almost never turn the printer off. Lots and lots of printing, but not necessarily every day.

I had first head replaced about a year ago (under warranty – CYAN clog – two years of use). Now, just shy of one year later, my second print head has failed to clear a CYAN clog (first and only in just under a year). No Warranty now. So I thought I would at least try to clear it using the flush carts.

I have had the flush carts on the shelf for a long time. I can’t seem to make the printer recognize these smaller carts. However, during all of my attempts, I DID see it recognize the LEFT-side (ALL CARTS, ONE-TIME), but not the right side. So then I tried powering down and redoing the door open-close and lost both sides – !!!@#$%

Reviewed this forum, reread docs, and looked at FAQs. Looking for a little assistance.

OH – just so you know, Before the 7900 I lived with an Epson 4000 for 5 years.
So I have a high pain thresh-hold.


FYI – I had retained the original Epson Fill Carts from three years ago. Insert these and all positions are recognized. OK.
Now by process of elimination I went through each of the 350ml carts I filled with piezoflush, and tested to see which ones, if any, would be recognized.

My results were very unpredictable. A few carts were recognized, most were not.

However, the Epson carts were always recognized, no matter how confused the printer was, it always recognized the Epson carts.

I had fortunately already purchased some spare chips, just in case I had any DOA chips in my cartridges. Long story, short – I was able to replace several of the chips in the 350ml carts and get the printer to recognize all but one. The GREEN 350ml is still not recognized (after replacing the chip with three different ones I had around).

So my current status is that I have all but one position loaded with Piezoflush and recognized by the printer – but I still need a cart or chip to get the bloody printer to accept one of your carts in the green position.

So what is the story with these chips in the carts. Will they go bad on the shelf if not used for long periods of time. If so, what can I do to avoid this.

Thanks for listening.


Hi Oldbro~

Thanks for the detailed information, and I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with both a cyan clog and recognition issues with the 350ml flush carts.

After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased the older style internal bag 350ml refill cart in March 2013. There was an occasional physical fit issue with some of these carts we received in the last shipment, which is part of the reason we now carry a different cartridge design (and we felt the new design was just better overall). No, the chips don’t go bad over time of sitting on the shelf, and the issue is probably not the chips (so, I hoe you haven’t already thrown away the other chips). Does your printer display a cartridge error, or say “NO cartridge” for the green refill cart? If it says “NO cart”, then I suspect the cartridge chip and printer’s chip sensor don’t have a good connection. The cartridge manufacturer informed us the carts are slightly wiggly in the cartridge chamber and tend to lean to the right. They suggested pushing carts towards the left may give a better connection between the cartridge chip and printer’s chip sensor, eliminating the error. With both cartridge bay doors open and all refillable cartridges locked into the printer: push ALL cartridges towards the left, so the bottom/left corner of each cartridge is touching the left edge of the railings in the cartridge chamber. Close the two bay doors, and the printer should then read the chips and pressurize the cartridges. At this time, check the LCD panel to see if all cartridges are correctly recognized by the printer (no error message), then print a nozzle check to make sure all positions are fully printing and the printer functions correctly without displaying any errors.

Please let me know your results, if you have further questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana

Hi Dana,

Yes - you are correct about the error messages I was getting for the green cart position. Something about that 350ml cartridge, just doesn’t satisfy the printer. I did it getting working though, based on your input/feeedback.

First I used a different chip – one that most resembles the standard Espon contact pattern. Maybe it was just serendipity, but I feel these chips are more usable by this printer than the original ones that came on the 350ml carts.
The pattern of the contacts just didn’t look the same as all of the other chips that I have here.

So, as I was saying, I was down to your 350ml green cart not working at all. SO I added some velcro across the bottom of the cart, thinking it needed to be raised up a little higher in the bay. I carefully inserted this modified cart into its slot, and bingo, now the printer consistently recognizes the 350ml green cart. So finally, I am ready to do the init fill using piezoflush in all 350ml carts. I will let you know how it goes from here.

I intend to flush the head more than once, and I also will allow it to sit a few days with the flushing fluid in the printer. Then I will try some nozzle checks and if necessary, possibly one SSCL. Have nothing to lose except some ink and some piezoflush (and my time). Maybe someday Epson will do US ALL a favor and resolve this head clog/short life cycle problem within their printhead technology. One can only hope.

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update Oldbro, I’m glad to hear your green cart is now working correctly after raising it up slightly.

Yes, it’s a good idea to leave the PiezoFlush in the lines for a few days after charging the printer (one Initial Fill Cycle should be enough to get fluid from carts to the head), then a combination of nozzle checks, paired cleaning cycles, and possibly a power clean cycle, but from what I’ve read the SSCL can damage the head, so be careful! I have found lots of helpful (and funny) information on the website

I’m with you on hoping Epson resolves the issue instead of just discontinuing these printers and coming out with a new model…

I’m currently writing from home while monitoring contractions, so will be giving birth today or tomorrow, and out of the office/off email for a while, but my co-worker, Kelly will be handling tech support in my absence, so please keep us posted.

Thanks and best of luck~ Dana :slight_smile: