Epson 7900 Wiper Exchange Error

I still do not able to perform the first print out from my 7900 after received it at a small fee from a friend (pending for some inks).

While waiting for inks (one cart out); i’m interested to see if there’s any cleaning maintenance i can do, I enter the service maintenance mode and chose “Wiper Exchange” -> “Sequence” -> Start(OK), it just returned with an error asking me to power off and on again.

I then off the printer and re-enter the service mode, reading the log of an error code of 1138, anything I can do? And there’s one cart in the system which is incorrect (waiting for the correct cart), possibly I need to wait for all carts to be corrected before I can even do a cleaning maintenance on the printer?

Newbie on this printer and I’m learning. Appreciate any advices

Yes, this printer requires all cartridges to be correct before it lets you do anything. Sorry for the bad news.


Thanks Walker, much appreciated, it comforts me a little at least i knew i’m not all lost yet, will wait for the correct cart.