Epson 7900 Piezoflush carts not recognized by printer

I installed a set of Cone piezoflush carts into my Epson 7900 and the control panel displays that there are no carts installed. I have open and closed the ink doors, and it lets me start to do the initial clean, stops, and starts flashing empty carts again. Any suggestions.

Very strange! This sounds to be somehow related to the cartridge chips and printer’s chip sensors, possibly not having a good connection? Do you have all carts pushed toward the LEFT in the cartridge bay?
When you install the set of refill carts, does the printer correctly recognize them and display ink levels on the LCD panel? Are you preforming the Initial Fill thru the printer’s control panel, or from the computer using the Adjustment Program?
How soon after the Initial Fill starts does it top and flash the carts?

Please let me know so I can help, thanks- Dana :slight_smile:

This is a cart I have been having an issue with since I first installed them at the beginning of this year. I am just tired of trying to get it to sit correctly so I can print. Yes, if I move it around it will make contact and then not make contact, obviously the cart, if I pop in an Epson cart it works fine every time. Its the “cart mold” issue. Just not manufactured correctly.

Hi Jsherman- I’m checking in because I haven’t heard back from you, and want to know how things are going or if there’s anything I can help you with.

stillrivereditions- Please understand that we put a great deal of time and energy into testing every cartridge model available on the market, research top manufacturers and work with them closely to improve products as we feel necessary- we even traveled to China to meet and develop relationships with cartridge manufacturers we work with. At the time, this internal bag style cartridge was the best option for ink flow, chip recognition, physical fit, and consistent quality. Other style carts we tested either had issues such as leaking, poor manufacturing, or bad ink flow due to the mold, or bad chips, etc… so, considering all the important factors we decided to carry the bag style carts, and had very good results with them in hundreds’ of customers printers for well over a year We have done extensive pressurization and chip testing in our manufacturing facility prior to selling carts to customers, and the failure rate has been low, with most people having great results and no issues. Even though we already had a refillable cartridge for this printer model family, we still continued checking other options, to ensure we always have the best products available for our customers. After months of testing, we are moving forward with a larger capacity non-bag style cartridge, which we feel provides a better fit in the printer for consistent chip read, has great ink flow, and is similar design to our 7800/9800 and 7880/9880 carts with the open cartridge body with one way air valve for pressurization. This new style cartridge will be available soon, but the point I want to express is that we put a lot into the development of our products, are always testing/researching to provide the best for our customers, stand behind our products 100%, and are always here to help our customers. We believe providing top quality in both products and support is the best way to do business.

Thanks and best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: