Epson 7900 Parts - Los Angeles + Shippable

Alternate / Spare / Replacements for the *900 series: will ship reasonably sized parts to community members.

Epson SpectroProofer Head/reader units one for UV and 2nd for Regular.
ILS-20, ILS-20UV heads - $250 each OBO

PARTS from a 7900 - make offers
We have also parted out another EPSON 7900 so have access to most parts. Printer was working except was ink starved. Stripped and kept most of it except the sheet metal frame. If you are looking for a part (obviously used), contact me with an offer or need. Parted out carefully so connectors and wires in good shape.

Parts include:
Shells, covers, doors and latches.
All Epson Printer Control Boards, power supply, main board and cables.
2x printer stands are available. Many plastic parts for the catch bins have been broken on the stand.
Lots of empty carts/chips available as well.

If you know what you are looking for I believe many of the parts fit some other printers. I can only state that these came from the Epson Stylus Pro 7900, I don’t know which ones are used in other models.

Also listed on Craigslist here in LA. Also listed there is a partially clogged 7900. Printer local only.

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