Epson 7900 "no ink cart installed" mssg. -Many attempts to re-insert



Hi there, re: Epson 7900
I keep getting the message “no ink cat installed” with the flashing X in the color bar for LT Cyan. Since filling and installing these carts last Jan. I have had a lot of problems with the same issue. sometimes it’s the whole left side sometimes the right and sometimes all of them. At first I was removing the carts, resetting the chip and replacing them. this got me by as far as keeping me working- yes nudging the cart to the left, etc. I then discovered that resetting the chips was not necessary, and could even damage them. As it is my Yellow chip will not reset with a solid green, but just flashes green. The printer does not show the ink level on that color as a result.
My problem today causes me to tell my client that their prints cannot be delivered on time. No matter how many times I open the left bay door and R&R the Lt Cyan cart, jog it to the left, shut off & restart etc, it will not recognize that the cart is there. I’m very pleased with your service, and the ink is just as promised, but the incompatibility of these non OEM carts is keeping me awake at night.
Kind regards.RayRay


Hi RayRay~

I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulties with your printer correctly/consistently seeing your refillable cartridges/chips, but am here to help you past these issues and back to happily printing.

For the best connection between the cartridge chips and printer’s chip sensors, ALL of the cartridges (in both bays) should be pushed or wedged to the [B]left[/B]. If your printer continues to not recognize the LC cartridge after pushing all carts to the left, and resetting the cart chip, then I suspect this chip has gone bad and needs to be replaced. If your yellow cartridge is being read/accepted by your printer, but doesn’t reset- then you will need to replace this chip before or when it reads empty.
We recommend everyone have a set of replacement chips on hand to be prepared, and able to quickly replace a chip when needed and resume printing without any downtime. If you don’t have a spare chip on hand, then you will be unable to print until a new chip arrives in the mail, which can result in days of down time. You can find replacement chips for the 7900/9900 refill carts here:, and chip replacement instructions here:

Please let me know your results, if you have questions, or if there’s anything further I can help you with.
All the best~ Dana :slight_smile:


Thanks Dana,
I will order some replacement chips and will let you know how it worked out. I do however have another question/concern: Is there any kind of guarantee or warranty for these parts?
I had purchased them back in January, then started having an very occasional “no ink cart” message starting in May. We weren’t yet aware of the ink carts having an issue with not exactly being a positive fit. I discovered that opening the bay door pulling out the cart and resetting/replacing it would put me back to work. All things considered; because we were very happy with the performance of the inks, for us it was just a little hiccup.

I assumed that any time you remove a cart -say to refill it, that then you needed to “reset” before putting it back in. I was on the phone with one of your guys who said resetting chips every time the cart was removed was not necessary and not a good thing for the chips -but just ejecting the cart fully and replacing it without resetting didn’t work. the message "no ink cart- replace ink cart would stay until the chip was reset before replacing.
This is what led to the Yellow cart not resetting anymore (only a flashing green not solid), and the subsequent yellow “ink level” bar being missing.
I’m seeking some satisfaction and clear reassurances on the expected reliability of the chips, beyond “sometimes chips go bad…”

I’m reminded of the delicate modeling lamps for my photo strobes- a minor bump or shake and their toast. The manufacturer clearly states this so everybody knows and it’s a given to be expected.
If when I bought into this system it was stated that chips were delicate/prone to failure and carts were not exactly fit compatible but close with some adjustment, then I would have understood what to expect including the need to have sets of replacements chips on hand.
That being said I want to close this comment by saying: I totally get the meticulous aspect of contriving an effective science for a non OEM product fitting into a machine that has to be made to perform as if OEM support products were being applied. I truly admire the pursuit and accomplishments Jon & Co represent, but feel a bit disappointed.


You’re very welcome RayRay, please let me know your results with the new chips. I apologize for not responding sooner, I was teaching a workshop all day yesterday, so was away from email.

As per our warranty policy (, we fully warranty/guarantee products for up to 30 days upon receipt.
We put a great deal of time and energy researching and testing all different cartridge designs to ensure we have the best available for our customers. When we first started selling the internal bag refillable carts for the 7890/9890 and 7900/9900 a few years ago, we felt it was the overall best solution available, but didn’t stop there, and have continued testing new cartridge designs as they become available, because we always want to make sure we have the best products for our customers. We’ve had great results, and have hundreds of customers happily printing with these bag refillable carts for several years, though occasionally there can be issues (like with anything) such as the mold/fit, seal or chip goes bad.
Information about the “no cart” message upon start up has always been included in the instructions, and is resolved by simply opening and closing the cartridge bay doors. The occasional physical fit issue is more recent, and we added info about this on the Frequently Asked Questions section of this support forum. All chips are sensitive to static shock and can wear out over time. The cartridges themselves are robust and can last the life of your printer, though the chips occasionally need to be replaced. We do have a new cartridge design that we’ve been testing for several months, and will be releasing soon. We feel this new cartridge design provides a better fit in the printer, though works the same in regards to the “no cartridge” message at start up and need to occasionally replace chips. Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution out there (I have even experienced pressurization and chip issues with brand new Epson cartridges), but we constantly work very hard to research and locate the best option for our customers.

Having said this, our main goal is for our customers to be happily printing, which is why we focus so much on research & development, as well as instructions and support for our products.
Based on my experience with the printer model and carts you’re using, I recommend you wedge all 11 carts towards the left as per the attached document, then if you continue having errors with the LC and/or Y carts, replace the chips on those carts, and you should be ready to print.

Please let me know if you have questions, your results after trying my suggestions, or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Paper wedge 7900-RCS-email.pdf (71.2 KB)


Thanks Dana, Very helpful information. I hope the new chip for yellow restores the fill level icon in the lcd display. I’m sure I’ll be ordering replacement chips overall as you recommend, along with a waste tank resetting thingy, etc. I’m curious about your papers too- if there’s a sample pack that would be great. Gotta look into that.
Anyway, I’ll follow up on how everything goes…
Kind Regards,


Sounds like a good plan RayRay- please do keep me posted.

Yes, you can get sample packs of our JonCone Studio Type 2 and Type 5 papers to try out. We always recommend getting sample packs to try new papers, to really see how it prints and how it looks with your work before buying a whole box/roll.
JonCone Studio paper sample packs can be found here:

Please let me know if you have questions or there’s anything further I can help you with.
All the best~ Dana :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Dana-IJM;2320]Sounds like a good plan RayRay- please do keep me posted.

Yes, you can get sample packs of our JonCone Studio Type 2 and Type 5 papers to try out. We always recommend getting sample packs to try new papers, to really see how it prints and how it looks with your work before buying a whole box/roll.
JonCone Studio paper sample packs can be found here:

Please let me know if you have questions or there’s anything further I can help you with.
All the best~ Dana :)[/QUOTE]

Hello again,
Just to sum up: The new chips (They arrived in less than 48 hours) solved the trouble. The Yellow chip I replaced still worked, as far as the machine recognizing there being a Cart installed, but would not report the remaining ink level. The Light Cyan chip could be reset OK, but was not acknowledged by the printer as “Cart installed.” These items are very touchy and it is good advice to have extras on hand, but even at only $12.00 ea. one would hope that the quality/reliability be more consistent.

Another related issue I need to mention which folds back to manufacturing quality control, is that recently I had an incident where the nozzle check print showed drop outs indicating a possible print head clog, or faulty/dirty wiper blade. The Epson x900 series is becoming widely known as prone to these problems despite the company’s claim that advances in engineering resulted in a “coating” on the print head “…that virtually eliminates clogs.” Their solution to support this claim was to program these machines into doing continual unnecessary cleanings at the discretion of built in “sensors.” (unless, woe to you -you shut it off) Epson is only too happy to sell you all the disposable ink carts and maintenance tanks you’ll ever need to stay on that merry-go-round. My suspicion followed the thread of a possible clog until I discovered that in my case the culprit was some type of air leak in the refillable carts causing a depressurizing fault in the ink delivery. Unfortunately the machine is not designed to detect low or no pressure on a color channel. I’m still working this through. Nuff said, I still have faith in your products minor bugs or not, to be the best way to go. it’s way far better than buying into “By design” wastefulness of the the vastly over priced OEM. I feel its necessary to give you honest feedback and also include a “Keep up the good work!” because of your forthright dedication.


Hi RayRay~

Thanks for the update. I’m glad to hear the new chips solved the error you were getting.

Feedback is very helpful, and we appreciate your praise as well. We are a small but very knowledgeable, efficient, and caring group, dedicated to the quality of our products and satisfaction of our customers. We are constantly using and testing our products in all different ways, but also appreciate constructive feedback from customers to help us get a bigger picture of product function (both good and bad) to give us more data, and if we have a concern, contact the manufacturer to work out issues that may arise. We closely track customer feedback and monitor all products for consistent function/quality, so please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences!

Your printer should be able to quietly sit idle for several minutes. If the pressure pump turns on frequently while the printer sits idle, this would indicate a loss of pressure somewhere in the ink system, though not severe enough to prompt a pressurization error on the printer LCD panel. We used to pressure test (by hand) every cartridge before packing for sale, but after testing every cartridge in several shipments with a very low failure rate, we have reduced to testing a percentage of each shipment and no longer feel the need to test every cartridge. Occasionally there is a tiny hole in the outer plastic shell of the cartridge, causing the cartridge to not correctly hold pressure, and the printer re-pressurizes when it detects a loss of pressure. Please let me know if this sounds like what you’re experiencing (and if not, please explain what you’re experiencing), so I can help you troubleshoot and resolve this issue.

Thanks and best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: