Epson 7900 LLK clogged


All other colors fine. Have been trying for days.
Lots of cleaning, lots of ink used!!!
Love this printer so upsetting.
Is there a solution??


Often times on this printer it is not a clog but something worse. Please upload image of nozzle check(s).



image1.jpegAll the other colours are fine


That my friend is a blown (de-laminated) head.

Sorry for your loss,


^hank you for getting back to me, even with bad news.
Is it worth replacing the head? Or is it over?


If it’s a newish body and you have a lot of ink investment, yeah worth it.


Great, yes to both those questions!
Only one other thing where do you suggest I get a new head?

Again thank you. Have been at this for weeks, at least I now know what it is, will save money on the cleanings!!

#8 may have them (they require serial #printer