Epson 7900 Ink Density Issues

I am having difficulties with my ink set on an Epson 7900. I am running the K7 warm-neutral set.

When I print a nozzle check, ink positions 2, 3, & possibly 4 don’t look like the right colors and density. They print a lighter blue shade than what I would expect.

This is confirmed when I print a step tablet. From 95-65% values on the step tablet, densities are very similar and show very little progression from dark to light.

I have checked the cartridges of ink and have confirmed they are in the right order and the ink in the cartridges are similar shades to that in the bottles sent to me from Inkjet Mall.

I am suspicious that the ink in the bottles is not labeled right.

Can someone take a look at my attachments (nozzle check and step tablet and confirm this to theirs?
Thanks, Russ

As we have thousands of customers that use these inks we would have caught any miss-labels.

It looks like Shade 2 and Shade 3 carts are filled wrong to me.

When you confirmed shades were similar to bottles did you agitate both first? Did you agitate ink before filling your carts? How long have your carts been sitting?

Dip a brush into Shade 2 cartridge and brush on matte paper.
Dip a (clean) brush into Shade 2 bottle and brush on matte paper. See different.
Then do the same for Shade 3 and Shade 4 which all appear too light.


Yes, I agree. Someone else would have had this issue if the ink were mislabeled.

The cartridges were sitting for sometime, probably 2 years. I will run the test as you suggest.

If I find they are to light in density, would you suggest I change the ink and cartridges?


If you filled the carts from the bottle after sitting for (2 years!) without really agitating the bottles, then there’s a good chance you simply poured off the non-carbon/pigment part of the ink and it had settled to the bottom.

My suggestion, but the ink from the cartridge back in the bottles. Shake the bottles, re-fill the cartridges, run a initial fill on the printer (or 4 power cleanings) to get stuff running again.