Epson 7900 Flush problems

My LK and LM channels have been clogged on my 7900 for some time. I ran two piezo flushes through my 7900 this past week. I ran out of flush, so I have more on order (to arrive on Tuesday, July 1.) and will flush again. However, these two channels consistently show problems (not printing) after four nozzle checks. In fact, the LK channel has gotten worse after the flushes and the nozzle checks.

Do I just keep flushing and flushing until (and hoping) that the flushing will open these nozzles?

And if this does work, how do I get the original Epson ink installed back into my printer? I don’t really understand the process for what to do after the flushing procedures.

Thank you,

Bev Pettit

If you ran two INK CHARGES with PiezoFlush and you were unable to recover these - that may signal a problem. After doing one, did you allow the PiezoFlush to sit in the printer for 48 hours? That is very helpful.

Also, are you using the INK CHARGE procedure to flush or running power cleans or powerful paired cleanings? Let me know which and I can advise further…

I did let it sit for 48 hours after the first flush. And yes, i used the Ink Charge procedure as indicated in the instructions. I will do another one or two flushes as soon as my flush arrives, tomorrow. Thank you.

any other advice would be appreciated. thanks

Also, please explain how I get my ink back into my printer once I stop all the flushing. I find all the documentation that was sent confusing and a bit inconsistent. thank you.

Hi Bev~

It may be that you’re dealing with a blockage in the dampers and/or print head that’s restricting ink flow of those two channels. Unfortunately, the 7900/9900 models are prone to these problems…

Flushing instructions can be found here:
To reinstall Epson ink, simply reinstall the carts and preform an Initial Charge as per our instructions.

Best regards~ Dana