Epson 7900 - ConeColor Pro inks

Months ago I bought a full set of empty cartridges and 350ml bottles of ConeColor Pro inks for my Epson 7900. I am just now depleting some of my OEM inks so began the process of filling the ConeColor Pro cartridges. I read the instructions carefully and watched the online video clip. The configuration of my new, empty cartridges is different than those pictured in the video clip. The silicone fill plug appears much smaller and is located in a different spot, at the far end of the cartridge, on the bottom. I filled all 350ml of one ink (yellow) into one cartridge, and then began the process of bleeding, or purging, the air from the cartridge lines. There does not appear to be any kind of plastic bag, or liner, in my empty cartridges, as depicted in the video clip. Instead, there are five separate compartments. I used the syringe to attempt to purge the air, and after at least fifty or more attempts, still am not getting any ink into the syringe. Is this because I only have 350ml of ink in an 800ml cartridge? Or, is there something wrong? Why don’t my empty cartridges have any kind of plastic bag/liner? Thanks for your help with this. Mark Weidman

I figured out the problem. I did not have the new cartridge oriented properly when purging the air. The original set of instructions I was using was not clear on this point, I found an updated set of instructions on the web site that clarified the cartridge orientation. Mark Weidman

Hi Mark~

We’ve carried a few different model refillable carts for the 7900/9900 model printer, and have written instructions specific to each cartridge design, but currently only have one video that was made for the internal bag carts. The cartridge orientation is certainly important for proper filling and priming, so I’m glad you figured that out. I have attached instructions for the cartridges you have.

Please let me know if you have further questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana

Insert# 113- 7900,9900 + 7890,9890 800ml RCS-email.pdf (142 KB)

Dana - I am also having problems with the new 7900 cartridges I purchased. The new carts certainly fit a lot better than the old style. The carts immediately click into place.

I have had no luck, however, in getting the yellow, matte black and and light cyan cartridges recognized. I have reset the chips twice, re-primed the cartridges a second time and made sure the seals were tightly fitting. I put in the OEM and older style refillable cartridges that were being used previously and those cartridges are recognized immediately. Is there something else I should try for a cure? Steve

Hi Steve~

I just responded to your email, but wanted to include my answer here for others to read + learn from:

After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased the 850ml refill carts for your 7900/9900 printer. As you may be aware, we’ve had a few different cartridge designs for this printer model over the years (in search for the overall best cart), and we actually have a newer 350ml cart than the 850ml ones you have. The 850ml carts are great in many ways, and certainly fit/lock into the printer better than previous carts, but we started having an occasional fit issue with the last shipment, which effects the chip read, and I believe is what you’re experiencing. Unfortunately, the carriage manufacturer wasn’t able to offer us a satisfactory solution, so we continued searching for and testing other carts, which led us to the new 350ml carts we have. I can explain the issue that I believe you’re experiencing with the 850ml carts you have, and hopefully be able to get you happily printing. On top of the cartridge, where the chip is attached, some of the carts have a dip in the plastic, which can make the chip not have a good connection with the printer’s chip sensor. Raising the chip it’s self risks catching on the fragile sensor wires, so isn’t a safe fix. Several people have reported, and we confirmed in our testing, then taking a piece of typing paper about 4x6” and folding it lengthwise in half twice (so it makes a 1x6” strip), then placing it on the bottom of the cartridge bay while sliding the cartridge into place- this raises the cartridge up slightly, which is usually enough to make a good connection between the chip and chip sensor, and the carts/printer work great.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have further questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: