Epson 7900 - "Clogged Nozzles Detected", but good nozzle checks

Hi all -
Epson 7900:
After cleaning the capping station, flushing box, bottom of print head, and replacing the wiper blade assembly, I’m getting good nozzle checks.

But I’m also getting constant “Clogged Nozzles Detected” messages, followed by yet another cleaning cycle that usually ends with a “Automatic Cleaning Cycle Failed” message (or something like that).

Is damper replacement the next step?


… or I guess the better question is what’s the best order to try stuff?
Damper assembly?
Flush the line w/ PF?

just a shot in the dark but there is a sensor that detects this and it may need cleaning or dusting… If it is detecting clogged nozzles that do not actually exist… just sayin…



Thanks, Jon.
Is that sensor easily accessible for a quick swab with a q-tip ?


Not so easy to get to… it would be worth for you to download the Field Service Manual for the 7900. I believe sells that for about $20