Epson 7890 yellow nozzle clogged for two weeks now even after 2 Piezo Flush treatments

Thank you for any help you may able to provide that will (hopefully) help me to resolve this very frustrating issue.

I do a pretty fair amount of printing (15-20 “large” prints per day) working with artists located all over the state of VT photographing their paintings and then producing prints for them to sell as a secondary source of income.

The clogged yellow nozzle issue I’m having is without a doubt the most troublesome and stubborn
I’ve ever been faced with…this still being the case even after MANY, MANY cleanings and two Piezo Flush treatments. Test prints after the two Piezo Flush treatments showed minor improvements in terms of the amount of ink flowing through the nozzle onto the paper. The yellow ink keeps printing only about 40% of what it should be.

Any guidance you can provide me with going foreword would be super-appreciated!!

Thanks so much

Dear Kent. You are having a de-lamination of the print-head. This is an all-to-common problem with this style of print-head sadly. If the printer is under warranty it should be serviced right away. Otherwise it is near its end.