Epson 7890 with Glossy and Matte Inkset - Glossy Not Working



Hi All,

I wonder if you might be able to assist me with the following?

Yesterday I installed the MPS glossy & matt inks into my Epson 7890. I installed the Epson 7890 printer software, downloaded the glossy curves from your site etc. I’m running an Apple Mac Mini with OS 10.8.3. All software (Epson 7890 driver etc) was downloaded from the Epson site to get the latest versions. The disc which came with the printer was NOT used. I’m also using the latest version of Quadtone RIP.

I’ve been trying to print some glossy prints, using the 7890-9890-MPS_HANptoRagBaryta curve, as per all the tutorials, but the prints are coming out very “wet”, with bleeding around the mid tones and shadows. The shadows themselves come out very wet indeed. The prints are unusable.

The nozzle check comes out fine, as does an 8 ink InkSeparation page in calibration mode.The Matte curve (7890-9890-HahnPhotoRagBW) works fine and the prints are good.

So my question is: do you have any idea what might be going on with Glossy? What’s wrong?

My (potentially) related questions are:

  1. On the display of the Epson 7890 printer itself, the icon with “Photo Black” is present. Should it be there? Will it ever be necessary to swap ink to Matte on the printer itself?

  2. In the QTR menu under “Printer Features”, the default is “Matte Paper”. Is it ever necessary to modifiy this choice?

  3. Also in the QTR main print menu, what should I put in the option “Black Ink”…should I specify “Photo Ink” here, or “Matte Ink” or leave it as, ie. “-Installed-”???

Any help you could provide would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



Hi Bill~

Are you using the QTR Print Tool, or printing directly from Photoshop (or a different application)?
After much testing, I feel a lower ink limit is better across the board for Piezography gloss printing. I will email you some curves to try in place of the current 7890-MPS curves you are using.

  1. The printer’s LCD will display the black mode the printer is currently in. If it displays “Photo Black” then the printer is in PK mode, using the PK cartridge/ink. This is the correct mode you want the printer in for gloss printing, with the Piezography glossy compatible black (shade 1) ink in the PK cartridge/slot.

  2. In my experience, this setting doesn’t matter and you can leave it in the default “Matte Paper” setting.

  3. The Black Ink setting in the QuadTone RIP window is important- for the printers that have two black channels (such as the 3800, 3880, 4900, 7900/9900 and 7890/9890), you can select “Installed” to use the black ink that the printer is currently in the mode of. If the printer is in PK mode, and you were to change the black ink setting in the QTR window to MK, and push print- the printer would preform a black ink change to change to MK mode before printing.

Please let me know how the curves I send you work, if you have questions or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


Hi Dana,

I originally tried printing with QTR Print Tool. Then as things didn’t work out I tried CS6 on the Mac Mini and CS3 on the macbook etc., trying to cover the possibility that it might be the fault of the application, or the Operating System.

I’ve received the curves you sent me - thank you. Unfortunately, while I was trying to try and get the thing up and running, some other issues arose - I will write to you separately about those.




Keep me posted- if needed, I will send you information so I can check your system to help sort out whatever issues your experiencing.