Epson 7890 with flush kit for trade of prints

Epson 7890 in West Chester PA. Complete flush kit with gal of solution and new empty cartridges etc… Printer was bough new by me and got little use really. Has been sitting with color inks for over a year. Don’t have time to deal with it and would trade for prints - especially peizo B&W prints - which is what I was going to convert it to - as I have another Epson (7800) which is color printing fine. Printer works great - but might take some patience to flush - but if interested - here’s a cheap way to get into it. Call to discuss. In lieau of prints - I would take $400 to recoup some of the cost of the kit (which was more of course). The printer printed maybe four or five rolls of matt/canvas prints and that’s about it really. So it’s not worn out for sure. Thanks