Epson 7890 firmware downgrade

Not sure about downgrading, however you should be able to see the ink levels in the printer driver (open the Utility window and go to levels.)


I did a firmware upgrade on my 7890 and it no longer provides ink levels in my non Epson cartridges. Is there a way to roll back the firmware to an earlier version?

I did a search here and didn’t find anything, web searches have talked about other printers but I haven’t found anything for 7890s.


A couple of weeks ago I refilled the Vivid Light Magenta/Shade 5 position and used the chip resetter. When I replaced the cartridge the display came up with a warning I was not using an Epson cartridge and it no longer displayed the ink level for that position. I have read of this happening with other Epson printers after doing firmware upgrades.

On the display there is no ink level shown and in the printer utility it says “Ink level unknown.”

My first thought was a firmware upgrade caused this and why I was looking to downgrade it. I am open to other solutions.