Epson 7890 dead or alive?

Hi all,

I got a Epson 7890 printer from a store that tried to sell it. It hadn’t been used for years, so they let me have it for free. As expected, all nozzles was clogged at first startup.

I bought a set of initial cartridges and replaced the low ones. I then used isopropanol, and a windex alternative several times overnight to unclog.

Now I have five perfect printing colors, and three that is completely blank. No ink coming out at all.

One time I probably soaked the head too much, so a lot of ink leaked out below from black and blue chamber. When trying to clean overnight now, all that comes out are from the ink tanks already printing fine. The three with absolutely no response is still clogged, and the maintenance tank fills up very quickly now.

Can anybody give me advice on the best move from here? I feel that doing the same thing over and over now yields no results other than wasting ink.

Anybody? Any advice here?