Epson 7880 with new Cone P2 inks

I am going to sell my working Epson 7880 printer with new Cone P2 Carbon inks. Printer can be demonstrated in Putney, with special care for masking, social distance, and safe background check. There is the possibility of assistance in transporting in New England.

The printer functions as new. Previously, the pump assembly was replaced professionally in Boston, and all systems checked. It has had limited use lately, as I am printing mostly with my Epson 9880 with Cone Pro. This is a solid, reliable printer, which is becoming more and more difficult to source.

Price: $1500


I can verify this. The 7880s are worth the $$$$


I am, reluctantly, reducing the price to $1000…both gloss and matte prints are beautiful carbon tone…


…still available…might consider trades…and I am a month past my second vaccination…