Epson 7880 printer leaving some ink drops on paper along margin areas

I have been using the Pro Inks for about 2 months and loving them, no issues. Now, all of a sudden i see 1-2 black ink spots (small) on the margin areas around my prints. what should I do? I must admit, I am somewhat of an novice when it comes to this approach.

This can happen if the printhead is scrapping against the paper and collecting ink. Do 1 print-head cleaning and set you platen gap to Wide or Wider.

Also, if your printer is lagging between print-passes (this happens if you don’t have enough processor power or ram) this can cause the head to dribble too. Make sure you print with a newer computer if you notice lagging. Or down-size your files just a bit.


thanks, walter. the cleaning did the trick! back up and running

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