Epson 7880 challenges GO Paper Feed Error




I purchased a second hand 7880, replaced my dampers, did a cleaning with Piezoflush and now have the printer setup with K7 glossy selenium inks.

I seem to have a bit of trouble with the gloss overprint though. Currently I am printing on 8.5x11 cut sheets for my tests, and some of the images gets fairly close to the border. Whenever I try to load the sheet after 2-3 min of hairdrying the print for the GO, I face a lot of challenges - repeatingly I get “PAPER ERRORLOAD PAPER PROPERLY”.

I have not had that issue whenever I insert a blank sheet - only when doing the gloss overprint. Printing on Type5 - I thought perhaps it was caused by slight buckling of the paper after applying the ink + hairdrying, but tried also with a premium luster paper that is already dried and flat as flat can be - same problem. I had a test image where it was quite close to one edge of the paper on one side - and I made a bigger gap at the other end. Huge hazzle to load it at the end where the print is close to the edge - other end, no problem.

Is this simply a limitation of the epson 7880 sensor? I.e you can’t get too close to the border with the print, without having to load the paper 5-10 times, praying every time?

Michael Birkmose


There is a paper white sensor on the printer.

You can cover this with a sheet of white paper if you like. It takes some finagling but works.



Hi Walker,

Not sure I follow :slight_smile: Is this a permanent “fix” that you leave in front of the sensor - or is it something you do just when you print the GO?