Epson 7800 Unidentified Print Defect K7 inks

Here’s a new one I haven’t seen before and can’t figure it out. I have an Epson 7800 and am using k7 selenium gloss only inks. The printer has been on ice for about 6 months with piezoflush installed. I recently refilled with K7 inks. I got 6 great prints out of it but am now experiencing a new print problem. It looks like ink is either getting lifted off or something else is scuffing the print surface. I’m familiar with headstrike issues and it doesn’t appear to be that. The scuffs go in the opposite direction of head travel. It is happening before I run the print through a second time for the gloss optimizer. The first print it is fairly subtle and I didn’t notice until I put the gloss over it. The second print it was much more noticeable. Please pardon the physical damage on the one print, that was me tearing it up because I was mad lol.

Any suggestions on what to tackle and how to do it? Thanks!

POOPOOL0162|700x466 L0158

I may be striking the printer cover. On this model printer we unscrew the top-back two screws that hold the top cover on. This cover can then lift up 1 inch and rest that way. It lets the paper not scuff when going into the printer. That being said, it’s very hard from these photos to tell what I’m looking at . . .

please photograph them a little more clearly and maybe with arrows pointing. Also let us know the curve you are printing with + the paper being used, etc.