Epson 7800 repair . What Now?

I have had my 7800 since it first came out . It has worked like a gem always that is till now…
Magenta inks started squirting out of the lines that I since identified as a damper prob ( I think ) I have since replaced all the dampers, took the printhead out ,ran water through it with a syringe ,printhead seemed just fine.
Put it all back together again, bled the dampers ran a few cleaning cycles and tried a test print. Nadda! nothing, blank page no print, I tried a few times same result. So before I take it apart again, perhaps someone can help steer me in the right direction?
Thanks very much

In my mind the x800 printers are the best version. Have it rebuild. Cost about 1000 to 1500. Well worth it. Parts are still available. In the northeast I am very happy with ardito’s business machines.
I am junking my 7900. Not worth the cost of repair

Sounds like you still have air in the ink delivery system somewhere. Air trapped in the lines, dampers, or print head will result in decreased pressure in the ink supply system.

Did you run an initial ink fill from the Windows adjustment program? Also, fill your ink cartridges to 80% capacity. This will increase pressure and force air out of the system better than half full carts. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the suggestion,
Ran a Initial ink fill but no luck…

If you ran water through it (not distilled?) with no other additives, you may have clogged the head with debris. Also, if you put the ribbon cable in wrong or had any water in the electronics this fried the head. (or if you pushed the water through too hard, it should be a drip out the nozzles really).

The procedure for repairing this type of head with forced pressure is dangerous for the head. There are a million ways to fry it.