Epson 7800 Install New Cartridge

Hi all, my Epson 7800 does not recognise a cartridge in LLB, I have bought a new cartridge, reset the chips, etc. Put the LLB in other slots and get a different message, put a different colour in LLB slot and still no joy, is there a way of overriding this setting?

There is a small and very very fragile sensor in the top back of the ink cartridge slot. This sensor has 5 wires that bend easily. If a cart went in without a chip or too hard it could bend this sensor. There is no way to de-activate the sensors. What you need is the CSIC sensor. This can be purchased for 2 bucks, but to get in there and get the sensor replaced you need to remove the ink bay out and get it from behind. This is a very common problem on this machine regardless of cartridges used. If you get the CSIC for the maintenance cart it is built for more slamming and is less fragile and also works in the ink bay.


Thanks for that, the error started when the cartridge was already installed so I did dismiss this idea, but a process of elimination now so no harm trying.