Epson 7800 Having Nervous Breakdown

My LK Cartridge ran out, so I inserted a new one. An error code read, “Cartridge Error,” but it wasn’t the one I had just replaced. It was the ones next to it. I reseated those two, and still got the same Error Code, but this time it was a Cartridge on the other side of the print engine, in the other compartment. I reseated that one and, you guessed it, a cartridge in the first compartment on the left side of the print engine blinked with the Error Code. After playing Whack-a-Mole with my 7800 for awhile, it tired of the game and started printing. Now every time I try to print I have to play this game. Is the motherboard scrambled or something? Has anyone ever experienced this with a print engine? All I did was replace an empty ink Cartridge, and this started happening!

Did you do a Search on 7800 or 9800 cartridge error on this forum and try any of those solutions?

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