Epson 7800 Error Code 10020


I recently got this error code on my Epson SP 7800 using K7 inks.
I read online that it could be a pump cap problem so I changed it & still the code is there on start up. I changed my main board & power supply but the error is still there. I then changed my two sub boards and still no luck. Anyone know what else I can try ?



This is a CSIC read/write error.

From the service manual:

The Holder Assemblies are the ink bays. Most likely a ribbon cable is loose or your ribbon cable from the ink bay control board to the main board is funky or the power to one of those boards is lose or disconnected.



On the service manual the boards that connect to the ink bays are Board Assembly Sub; B and Sub; C.

There is most likely something up with one of those or at the ink bay itself.




Thanks for the info, I will get a couple of cables and tryout your sugestions.



Hi Walker

Would you know of a source for the CSIC cables and other 7800 cables as this is the problem with my printer as I tried a borrowed cable for the left sub board to main board and the error code went away.
Thanks for all your help.



Have you tried Compass Micro?



Thanks for the info