Epson 7800 doesn't print whole image

My inherited 7800 does not print the entire image. I am using drivers downloaded from epson. I have tried mac 10.10.5, 10.5.8 and 10.12.6 with three different macs. Also gimp drivers did not work either. Only 24 inch roll paper works. I can get a 5x6.5 printed with the portrait setting on 8.5x11. If I make it larger than than 5x 6.5 it crops off the bottom edge of the picture. Any ideas why the drivers are not working? I reloaded the drivers several times.

These printers require an 8" wide minimum and 8" high minimum. It’s a limit inside of the printer itself sadly.


Also sometime this happens when a paper size preset is corrupted in the print tool.

I tried printing an 8x10 image on 8.5x11 and still got about two thirds of the image??? I can limp along wasting a bit of paper with my work prints as long as I can do 24x30 or 36. I have yet to try a 18x24 on the 24 inch roll. Thanks.