Epson 7600 "Wrong Cartridge" Loop

I am in the process of switching to Dye-Sub inks on my Epson 7600. I inadvertently started the flushing process by using the “Black Ink Change” method, which requires the process to be run twice. I believe the printer is now locked in a “Wrong Cartridge-Release Ink Lever”, “Replace with new Cartridge” loop that I can’t get out of because I don’t have a matte black cartridge to use to switch it back. Because the “SelectType” menu is now unable to enter because it is locked up into a loop. I don’t see anyway out of this except to buy a matte black cartridge, which is useless because I’m changing to dye-sub inks. Does anyone know how to force the unit into the “SelectType” when it’s locked in a loop???

If you boot into maintenance mode I think you can clear all parameters and instructions. This is how I’ve gotten it out of being stuck.

I’m PMing you the maintenance manual.


If nothing else works, this will.