Epson 7600 black in the yellow ink

I’m using Cone inks and have been resuscitating my epson 7600 after a long period of disuse. After clearing the print head and ultimately replacing the dampers I was able to get a few very nice prints. At this time, however, I’ve been getting black ink in the yellow when I do a nozzle check and when I do a print that has yellow in it, the print comes out muddy, like there’s black mixed with the yellow. When I print a yellow purge pattern I get black strips in the yellow. Do you have any suggestions on what I might try to correct the problem?


Thank you. Bill

Hmm. This indicates a leaking damper (K damper) that is not properly seated onto the inlet spike of the print-head. It needs to be replaced/re-seated.

warm regards

Hi Walker,
We’ll take a look. We changed the dampers, all of them, and maybe we didn’t seat the K damper properly. We sure hope that’s the issue. We were thinking it might be the print head. Many thanks and keep our fingers crossed. Best, Bill

Hi Walker
We re-seated the dampers and for a short time were getting ok nozzle checks but gradually the nozzle checks just faded away. At this point it prints virtually nothing. I’ve re-checked the dampers and they seem seated nicely, any suggestions on what I should look for next?

I forgot to mention, there were a few air bubbles in the lines after re-seating the dampers so I ran an initial fill. The bubbles never moved during the process which gave me the indication that ink wasn’t being pushed through the head. Also, it didn’t look like there was any appreciable use of ink with the initial fill.

We really don’t know what is going on, but this morning we did another power clean and a head clean and it’s giving us decent nozzle checks all the sudden. We’ll work with it some more and see if we continue to get good readings. We appreciate your help very much.

Thanks for the good news!

Actually, not so good news. The printer continues to give us bad nozzle checks and air bubbles. I think we’re not seating the dampers properly however we can’t figure out if that’s the case. When we take it apart, we place the dampers in one at a time and then put them into the holder where they can’t move. The thing is, the holder moves them ever so slightly when putting it back together and we’re wondering if that’s the problem. Someone also suggested we’re not priming our cartridges correctly. So, we’ve done that as well (we think). Anyway, if you have any suggestions, please fill us in. Thanks.