Epson 7600 black in the yellow ink

I’m using Cone inks and have been resuscitating my epson 7600 after a long period of disuse. After clearing the print head and ultimately replacing the dampers I was able to get a few very nice prints. At this time, however, I’ve been getting black ink in the yellow when I do a nozzle check and when I do a print that has yellow in it, the print comes out muddy, like there’s black mixed with the yellow. When I print a yellow purge pattern I get black strips in the yellow. Do you have any suggestions on what I might try to correct the problem?


Thank you. Bill

Hmm. This indicates a leaking damper (K damper) that is not properly seated onto the inlet spike of the print-head. It needs to be replaced/re-seated.

warm regards

Hi Walker,
We’ll take a look. We changed the dampers, all of them, and maybe we didn’t seat the K damper properly. We sure hope that’s the issue. We were thinking it might be the print head. Many thanks and keep our fingers crossed. Best, Bill