Epson 7600 always printing a second page with a small part of the first page image

this is driving me nuts also. wasting good art paper. whatever i do even using print tool. with paper handling selected as scale to fit A4 and an regular A4 sheet in the feed area and selecting in print-tool scale to page. i always get a small 4 mm band of the image printing on a second page…
any work arounds?
thanks peeps.

Truthfully it’s been a very long time since I’ve used this printer model and back then I was using StudioPrint.

I do vaguely remember issues with this type of thing happening.

One thing you may want to try is to actually put a large sheet in there but keep all the settings the same. Then after the print is done, measure the total length of the image. Your printer may be stretching things.


I used to have a 7600 but don’t recall this happening on that printer in particular, but it might have once or twice. I have seen it though. Turned out the whole package of paper was slightly short on the long dimension. The printer (a 3800 iirc) was just continuing to print the last bit of the image on the next sheet.

First thing I’d do is examine it closely to see if the whole image is being printer on the first sheet. If it is, and what is being printed on the second sheet is the last few mms of the image, then measure to see if your sheets might be a bit shorter than they are supposed to be. If that is the case then make a custom paper size that matches the actual sheet size.

If, on the other hand, it is repeating the last few mms of the image, I have no idea.

Also check that the margins in the paper size setup are not encroaching on the image size.

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thanks for that advice. i will check the margins.
also printer setup had margins on the printer control panel set to T/15mm (whatever that means) where as the paper margins for the default A4 is 3.18mm.
it might have something to do with the extra handling area at the bottom of sheets that the printer takes up. but that IS set in the default A4 sheet paper size. so if im using “scale to fit” BOTH initially in print tool AND then in the “paper -handling” menu selection of the print dialogue… then…