Epson 7600 All Lines Fail to Supply Ink/Flush to Dampers

A few weeks ago my Epson 7600 started to have massive head print pattern fails. All cartridges have been filled with PiezoFlush for quite some time prior to this and print patterns were fine until recently. Thinking the problem was damper failure I replaced all 7 dampers. Now I see all the fill lines fail to supply flush to the dampers. You can see flush in the lines half way up where the lines curve up to the top of the machine. No amount of power cleaning or init fill will drive flush any further through the lines. The capping station and flush pads are dry so no fluid is getting through. I cannot believe the print head is the problem since PiezoFlush has been installed for quite some time and all lines are affected. Unsure how cartridges, ink lines and dampers are pressurized in a 7600 for printing but possibly the pump assembly is bad?

It is very hard to align dampers correctly on this printer.

  1. Take all the dampers out.
  2. Very carefully place them back in over the head manifold spikes.
  3. Make sure that the damper/inkline o-ring connectors are not screwed in too tightly (not too loose either!). If they are too tight no ink will flow.

It’s a tricky balance but once you’ve done it right the first time, you’ll know the feel of it.


Thanks Walter.

I replaced the dampers in the past without this issue and have done what you suggested 2 or 3 times already. Not sure how the ink system is pressurized but since the problem appeared to degrade prior to damper replacement I am guessing the inks are not getting pressurized adequately so I am thinking the pump may have failed.

This printer model is not a pressurized printer.

You have to make sure the cartridges are OPEN (vent or fill plugs out).


That’s kind of what I thought.

I am using the really old school/style Inkjetmall supplied cartridges which have the air hole in the rear and those are open. The cartridges have worked well except you have to be very careful moving them or the ink/flush will drain out.

Will continue investigating and update this forum when I find the solution.