Epson 7600 air bubble in middle of an ink supply line



I installed a new cart and i have an air bubble in the in supply line. How do I purge the air bubble from the supply line?


Did you prime the cartridge before installing? How long is the air bubble? Do you have the air vent hole open on all the refill carts?

Please let me know so I can advise you properly.


The cartridge I primed the I must not of got all the air out when I primed it. I now have the air vent open and have printed several sheet using the light black only. The air bubble has moved to the print head. I have run a nozzle check and little ink is coming out on the nozzle check. do I keep printing in light black?


If the air bubble has made it’s way to the print head, and the LK channel is fully printing on your nozzle check, then the air may be purged from the ink system. If the air is still in the line or damper, you can either do a power clean cycle, or print more LK to get the air out.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: