Epson 4900 Strange Clog Issue - Help!

This is a two layered issue. So bear with me.

It started with clogged yellow on the nozzle check. The clogged nozzles are on the top and the bottom. The middle is okay. I did a few cleanings, including a paired “powerful” cleaning. No improvement. I have also tried cleaning the print head with paper towel and Windex. No improvement. I have Piezoflush and a set of your flush cartridges. I have done an ink charge using the service program; and still nothing.

Here’s where it gets interesting. When I do an ink charge, it doesn’t seem to expend really any of the ink from the left side, when I check the levels of the flush cartridges. The nozzle check prints the actual ink colors, rather than the Piezoflush pink color. So even though the printer acts like it’s going through an ink charge, it isn’t.

I would love to hear suggestions on where the problem might be. I’m stuck. I don’t think I know how the system works well enough to try an troubleshoot much further.

I also just changed the maintenance box because the printer said it was depleted. Out of curiousity, I opened the used one. The top three layers of padding had ink, but weren’t soaked. I’m curious if that’s what the pads should look like, or they should be more saturated.

And yes, I’ve contemplated a p800 or Canon Pro-1000. But…I’ve gone this far down the road…I’m hoping to salvage!


Your dampers/cleaning-unit are kaput. This is a normal issue with the 4900. They last only a few years max. It is not able to draw ink during a clean and can’t prime the dampers, and so the dampers have locked.

I suggest a P800 if you have the funds. All your current ink can work in it and this printer is actually really dependable.


Thank you Walter. I really appreciate your expertise. Follow up question then: Rather than replace with a p800, can I just replace the capping station/cleaning unit?