Epson 4900 serviceable parts



which parts on the 4900 are user serviceable?

how often should I change for ideal performance?

by changing these parts when suggested will I get less clogs?

thank you


There are a few parts available for the 4900. As per the CompassMicro site, I see they have the “pump unit” (pump, capping station, wiper blade assembly), “ink selector” (damper assembly), and “roll paper adapter” listed- though you can also check the exploded diagram for a more complete listing of parts they can get, and call for pricing/availability of those parts.

You can get the Service Manual with parts list, and Adjustment Program from The Service Manual specifies how often parts should be replaced, how to troubleshoot issues/errors, and instructs how to replace parts. As with any machine, proper maintenance is key to the best performance and longest life.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


is the wiper blade assembly and damper user changeable or not really?

i think on inkjetmall machines you change your wiper blades and dampers every 6 months. is that right?


Depending on your technical abilities, yes- the wiper blade assembly and ink selector unit (damper assembly) are parts you can replace yourself by following the repair manual and using a few basic tools.
In the 4900 Service Manual, starting on page 230 it provides instructions for replacing the ink selector unit, and the wiper blade instructions begin on page 236. You can find the replacement parts from

No, we generally replace dampers and wiper blades about every 2 years on our machines. See our recommended maintenance information, here:

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