Epson 4900 problems, maybe someone can help

So after some headcleanings the nozzles looks more terrible than before ( my vivid magenta channel shows some missing nozzles like 10 lines missing,) after a powerfull cleaning the vivid magenta not show nothing on nozzle check only 1 2 lines , i know its not a clogging because before worked perfect… the problem can be the dampers or the capping station?

I’ll preface this by saying I had 4800’s, not the 4900, but my understanding is that they are similar in this situation. It could be the dampers, as they do clog up a bit and after a bit of trepidation, I ended up changing them twice before I switched to a P900. That being said, I would ask how you did the power cleaning? Did you use a cleaning solution such as PiezoFlush (PF)? I had a separate set of carts specifically for PF for periodically cleaning the lines and dampers. If not, then you just ran pushed more ink through the lines and if the issue was the dampers (most likely), you may have just added to the problem. If you used PF, did you let it set for 24-48 hours to allow it to “do it’s job” since it can (and does) break down or dissolve the ink. that is the key to making PF work. What I would do is run a PF power clean, let it set for a day, then another power clean, followed by a nozzle check. That usually did the trick. If there were any gaps in the check, I’d let it set for at least another day and run another check. It my sound like I’m using a lot of flush, but PF is a lot less expensive than ink and the cost of a set of (what I called) “cleaning carts” was a one time purchase. Once everything was good, I’d reload the inks, run a couple of power cleans, another nozzle checks or two , and I’d be good to go.