Epson 4900 Pro only recognize half of ink cartridges



I found your site by searching the internet I found InkJetCarts before I found your site. I was printing with Epson R2800 at the time. Then I purchase my Epson 4900 Pro from Epson May of 2013 and I Placed a order with InkJetCarts for 11 Epson InkJetCartsridges and inks for mine Epson 4900Pro. That when I found out InkJetCarts cartridges came from China and they had a bladder inside there. That when I found a post from someone talking about Epson 4900 printers and the problem people were having with them. This person give such high phrase about your site that how I found you. When I read your cartridge were made in America and so are your inks. I watch your video on line showing how to fill your cartridges and they had no bladder in them. That when I switch 100% over two you. I never touched InkJetCarts product that I order.

Order # SO30737455 7/9/2013 I purchase 3 PiezoFlush solution in 700mi bottles.
Order # SO307466323 I purchase 11 Epson InkJetCartsridges and inks from you on 7/16/2015 for my Epson 4900 Pro Printer. My Printer is now 2 1/2 years old. The only problem I had with it was when I was using Epson Inks I let it sit idle For 2weeks or less. I would do a nozzle check on it. It would tell me if it had block nozzle and which ones. I would do a power clean on those ones maybe 2 or 3 times. I would do another nozzles check and if everything was good It would say there were no block nozzles. I rarely had no problem with my 4900 until I switch over to your ink cartridges. That when I had someone from your company on a Friday afternoon help me out and he was great. he got mine 4900 to recognize the ink cartridges.
Now here my problem I had to go into hospital in October this year for back surgery. I took all of my Epson Inks out my printer and replace them with yours Ink Cartridges filled them with PiezoFlush solution, I brought from you. When I install them into the printer. The printer would not recognize all of them on both side. I call up your company and I talk to a gentleman about my problem I was having with the Ink Cartridges. He suggested to take out the cartridges an try reinstall them. I did it 3 or 4 times and bingo the printer recognize them all. I had to do 5 or 6 power flush to get all of inks out of the printer. Now on December 12, 2015 I turn on the printer and the printer would not recognize any of the cartridges . I did what the gentleman suggested to me in October. I pulled them all out and reinstall them 3 or 4 times and on the left side all six cartridges the printer recognize but on the right side, the printer does recognize the 5 cartridges for 1 second, than the printer start flashing 5 red x and that big white button would light up orange letting you know it does not recognize those 5 cartridges. I am wondering if I got a bad or old set of cartridges. Their no way I should be having this kind of trouble with these
cartridges. I am very sorry if I am out of place, I am just very upset whit what happen to me Please help me out here. Thank You.
William T Newhall


Hi William~

It sounds like you may be dealing with old/dead chip batteries, causing cartridge recognition errors.
Based on your order history, I believe you are using the original style chips that have batteries on the back, and two small metal contacts on the front for resetting the chip ink level to full- is this what you have? If so, here are instructions for replacing the chip batteries:
or, you can get new chips that don’t use batteries, here:

I hope this helps.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: