Epson 4900- Left side cone cartridges not being recognized

In fact I actually have two problems…the first is that I have a cone VM cartridge that will not fit into the VM slot the only slot that it fits into is the LM slot so I am thinking that the cart is actually a LK cart that was miss labeled in manufacturing…2nd problem is that the left side cartridges are not recognized I get the red X as well as “ink cartridges are not recognized” could this be the batteries in the chips?

The 4900 cartridges have plastic “keys” attached, which are specific to the color position, and make it so a cart can only be installed into the position it’s keyed for. Although it’s very rare, we have found a few occasions where a cart doesn’t have the correct key attached to match the chip and color position label. In this case, the wrong key can be removed and correct key attached.
I see you purchased two sets of 4900 refillable carts. Do you have two 4900 printers, or are you using one set of carts with PiezoFlush and the second with ink? If you’re only using one set of carts, and have the other aside, then you can quickly/easily attach the key from one VM cart to the other.
Referring to the photo on the top/left (page 1) of our 4900 refill cartridge instructions, the key is located on the non-labeled side of the cartridge, in the notch between the exit valve and top of the cart. It is held in place with two small plastic points, and can be easily pried off. The color position of each key is part of the key mold, so is a small plastic letter code indicates which key goes to which color position cartridge.

Regarding your second problem, based on your order dates, I suspect you’re dealing with old/worn out chip batteries, and recommend you replace the batteries. You can find information for replacing the batteries here:
We have new batteries and replacement chips available here:

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have further questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana

Dana thanks for the help yes the key on the VM cartridge is the same as the LK Key thanks for letting me know that they are removable… is it possible for me to send the bad VM cartridge key back for a correct one? I pried off the chip encased in plastic holder off of one cart and thought that the battery was not removable as all sides had metal around it? I have seen the photo link that you sent and realized that I needed to pry back the front metal tabs I have a battery out and will try to source locally…Do all the carts on one side of the printer read bad one one battery is down or all they all dead?

Cheers, Ed

Hi Ed~

No need to return the wrong key you have, but we’ll send you a new VM key.

Generally when a single battery or chip dies, it only effects that one cartridge reading, so I suspect you may need to replace multiple batteries. Have you already tried removing, resetting and reinserting the cartridges, and/or shutting down and restarting the printer? Occasionally, chips can go bad, but typically when a chip has been working and stops, this is battery related.

Please let me know if you have further questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: