Epson 4900 in Los Angeles FREE

Hoping to get $250 FREE for my Epson 4900 in Los Angeles. The printer has at least one blocked channel as of the last time I fired it up. I haven’t run it in a while. I’m sure it can be made into a functional piezography printer. I’m located in the Echo Park area. Let me know if you have any interest.


So, I ran a few cleans and test prints and I’m really only getting one channel showing a little bit of activity. Ink is also quite low on a few colors. With all that being said I’d probably just take the best offer for some beer money from who wants to come pick it up. I’m sure it can be fixed and turned it to a solid piezography work horse.

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FYI, Piezo ink works well in these x900 heads. We get many many years out of this ink without nozzle or de-lamination issues.


Updated this price to FREE. Come grab it!

Is this still available? I live in San Francisco, but my partner has a business in Orange County, so can drive down and get it. Please let me know? Thanks!

If Andy doesn’t/ can’t use I will…