Epson 4900 clogging VLm chanel suddenly

I would like to hear your opinion about an Epson Stylus Pro 4900 which has one of the Vived Light Magenta channels stopped suddenly during a nozzle test, first half-present after completely disappeared. I made some “pawerful” cleanings of the couple Vlm / Lc following the printing of purge pages of the channel concerned without succes. Then I made “initial ink charge” via the program service without result. I cleaned the capping station without sucking too.
I have this printer for 4 years and a half, still printing a bit every two days, the number of pages on the meter is 3818p. For the information I also noticed that the weight of the cartridge of the concerned channel VLm is not moved after the procedure of “nital ink charge” (measured with a balance of 0.01 g of precision before and after the procedure). Do you think it is a problem of dumpers or capping station or rather the head of the printer.
Thank you for your opinion and excellent day
excuse me for my bad English :slight_smile:

Vladimir Vasilev

Most likely this is a damper/capping station issue but if you print with the channel in this state it could become a permanent head problem.

First thing to do in this situation is to replace the cleaning assembly (capping and pump) and the damper unit together.


Thank you very much Walker for your answer. Okay for the capping station. I’m going to change it. You also mentioned a pump. Is it included in this unit or should I buy it separately?
Are there any special adjustments to make after changing the capping station and the unit dumper assembly.
Thank you very much for your advice.Are you have a web link were I can buy this original parts?
Thank you and have a great day.

Capping/Pump is all the same unit.

No special adjustments needed has the parts (call them).


Hi Walker,

I just change the dumper unit and the IS Unit,after intial charging of ink i ve got the same problem the Vlm chanel is empty,all others are ok.What can i do inject the piezoflush direct in the head or ultrasonic ss cleaning.
Thanks for your help

Here is the Vlm chanel for the last time when it works after two pawerful cleaning desapear completly.

I also suggest one last last thing. Re-prime your VLM cartridge. There may be a stoppage at the cartridge outflow.

Yes I do it before…I changed completly the Vlm cart…aways the same probleme.Are you think it s a nozeel cloogs or the head is completly dead.
Thanks for your help

Most likely at this point the head has been de-laminated. :disappointed: