Epson 4900 cleanings less effective



I have been using my 4900 for about a year now and I have noticed that it both clogs more often, and that cleaning are less effective and more cleanings are necessary to remove clogs.

if this normal in the life span of the 4900?

thank you.


Like any machine, printers require regular maintenance to keep them working well, and lasting a long time. There are many factors, including frequency of use of the printer, what type of ink is used and how often it’s agitated, the printer environment (cleanliness, temperature and humidity), etc…

If you search online, you will notice a lot of problem reports with the x900 printer modes. There are several things you can do to help keep your printer clean, working well, and lasting several years, though the x900 do seem more problematic than previous models. Please check out our information about printer maintenance, here:

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: