Epson 4900 cleaning and maintenance




Are there specific instructions/video that describe cleaning and maintenance on the Epson 4900…is it a large format?

Trying to follow the instructions in:
NOTE: Please watch our YouTube video on small format printer maintenance to see these several cleaning procedures preformed on a desktop printer model, here: Info and photos specific to the 7890/9890 and 7900/9900 can be found here:

Or just follow the instructions for the 7900?



Hi John~

The newer printer models are not as user friendly to clean/maintain… We do not have a video or instructions specific to the 4900 model, though I have taken many photos while working on our 4900, and could send you a few if you’d like, so you know what you’re looking at. The capping station and wiper blade in the 4900 are the same style/shape as the 7900/9900 and 7890/9890, but are positioned horizontally instead of at an angle- cleaning these parts will be the same as with the 7900/9900 and 7890/9890.

Best~ Dana :slight_smile:



Any photos with descriptions of parts will help…can see some of the 7900 type configurations, but the space is more cramped …briefly thought of removing side cover, and gave up that idea quickly…
I want to have Epson 4900 functioning properly in expectation of the new 4/4/2 or whatever you are calling the about to be released system.
As always, thanks for your assistance…and for the exceptional support for this exceptional printing system.


Hi John~

Here’s a photo showing the cleaning area of the Epson 4900 printer. The flushing box, wiper blade and capping station (1 per color pair) are labeled in red. Not shown is the paired cleaning pad, which tucks down between the capping station and flushing box (where the wiper blade is currently shown) when not in use.

We’re going to call the new 3-tone Piezography system Piezography Pro, and are very excited about it!

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:


….thanks Dana….printer seems to be functioning properly….looking forward to Piezography Pro….Wells says it is still a little in the future…going to have a Father/Daughter portraits exhibit in June (bw prints and charcoal drawings)….perhaps it will be available before then…otherwise will use my Epson 7880 SE P2 for prints for exhibit…



Yes, we’re fine tuning/perfecting the Piezography Pro system, and experimenting with different GO workflows to try to beat the pesky sensor on the x900 printer models that interferes with the current GO process. We have many exciting ideas, and we’re looking forward to releasing this new system ASAP (probably this summer).

Warmly~ Dana :slight_smile:


Hi Dana! Are there any updated instructions about cleaning 4900 printers?


The 4900 are one of the most difficult to clean and there’s not much you can easily see or do, so what we currently have above is probably as much as we’ll offer for cleaning tips on this model.

Best~ Dana


Generally one’s best bet when an old 49 goes down, is to replace the damper and cleaning assemblies at the same time and do an initial fill (this is what epson “refurbishment” is).