Epson 4900 Channel Down - PiezoPro

Hello Friends!
Someone (not me, honestly) attempted to clean the LK channel of my 4900 converted to PiezoPro. However, the problem wasn’t a clog - the cartridge was empty! So, the ink was bled out of the line.

I refilled the cartridge and primed it, performed 2 cleanings, but haven’t been able to get the LK channel to read on my nozzle check.

Can anyone offer any suggestions on how I can fix this?


Because these chips are auto-reset chips, it can be easy to forget to refill the cartridge after it resets . . .

What you need to do is refill/re-prime your LK cartridge + get the 2manuals Epson utility for this printer and do a CL4 cleaning of the LK channel pair. This will initial fill just that channel.


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I am still not getting ink to pull through. Could sucking out the last of the ink may have caused a clog due to some dried ink or something like that?