Epson 4900 auto nozzle check

Hi all,
I recently updated firmware on an epson 4900 (with severe clog on cyan ink channel)
after firmware was updated the defauld auto nozzle check (and consequent auto clean) was set to on.
Now the printer wants to check nozzles everytime it is turned on and because cyan is clogged it performs a clean cycle…and so on… and on.

Any idea on how to abort this wasteful cycle?
(I also have the maintenance software but couldn’t find anything useful for this)


After 2 or 3 auto nozzle check/clean sequences it should give you the option to clean again or continue with clogged nozzles. hit continue and then you can navigate to printer settings and turn auto nozzle check off.

It’s only cleaning that channel pair FYI, so it’s wasting one ink that is useful, but not all your inks.

And yeah, it’s incredibly annoying.


this is very useful information! I Really hope I can clean and start using this printer.
One more curiosity. Does the 7900 have the same print head than 4900 i.e. prone to clogging?

Thank you

I will see if I can fix the 4900 and then decide what to do.

Yep. But the x900s are pressurized so less prone than 4900. The new surecolors have the same head but new dampers and cleaning vacuum motor so they seem to also have less head damage.