Epson 4900 ANC on startup with piazography pro

Our new 4900 will do auto nozzle check on startup and because of the GO will do cleaning - I have disabled auto cleaning and in service mode made sure the cleaning timing is on 1 but the printer will do auto cleaning on start up every time.
Anyway to cancel that ?
Thank you


If cleaning timing is set to 1 it will clean at startup (actually these printers may always clean at startup, at least a quick clean. That I what I remember.). On this printer it uses a voltage sensor so it will detect properly printing GO channel no problem. It works properly with Piezo ink or Epson ink or any other ink so if it’s doing a startup clean you either have a dirty sensor or the firmware is set to clean at startup or the firmware is OLD.

What I suggest, set the printer to never turn off (this is also done by the maintenance menu). Then manually do an auto-nozzle clean in the morning (every other day).