Epson 4900 adjustment program error

Hi everyone, maybe someone was solved this issue, or find something what i can do,
So i bought a 4900 unit in perfect working condition , everything working on it, i flushed the old inks out from the inktubes and dampers, but now i want to fill it ,i was looked on internet and everyone recommend the service program for ink charge, but when i try to hit the adjustment(invidual) window in adjustment program, i got an error message “the setup was failed, the board may be defective” i tried to contact the 2manuals but the tech guy tell me never see this error message

I have not seen this message either.

However, you should be ok to do 4 power cleanings on all channels and this is the same as initial fill.


4 powercleans on each channel, or 4 powercleans on all channels? i tried but i dont seen anything working :))), but before i cleaned the lines manually the printer works perfect, so i dont think is ink pump problem,

4 power cleans on all channels.


i tried but nothing, i read somewhere the power clean use very very small amount of ink… and the lines is too long…

As far as I know, the problem is removing the accumulated air from the tubes. Conventional cleaning programs do not address this issue because the holes in the printhead are too small for air to escape during the cleaning process. I don’t recall the specific details, but one of the forums recommended a printer program that keeps the VALVE open, allowing the air to be released from the system.