Epson 4900 Adjustment Program can't find my printer


I’m looking for help on how I can get the 4900 adjustment program to recognize my printer is turned on, connected (via ethernet) and ready. With what little documentation that comes with the program I am running it on Win 7 Pro in XP SP3 compatibility mode. The DCOM server process is running. I’ve tried opening the program in regular as well as admin mode. Seems like no matter what I do I can not get it to find the printer when I select it from the program.

I have sent a message to 2manuals where it was purchased from but I would like to see if I can salvage my printer and from what I’ve ready their customer service is slow.

The printer is ready with PiezoFlush and I just need to get it flowing.

Thanks in advance.


I suggest you try connecting the printer via USB and see if that helps… otherwise, I can’t offer much help regarding the Adjustment Program.

I hope this helps~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks Dana, I’ll try that. Have you heard of others having this problem?

What are my alternatives if I can’t get the adjustment program working?



We have had many customers successfully use the AP to flush their 4900 printers, and when we’ve done it here, have had the printer connected via USB, so other than the connection, I don’t know of anything else that may cause your problem. Looking at the 2manuals 4900 AP page, it looks like Win 7 is supported, and you’re correctly using the AP in XP service pack 3 compatibility mode…

The Initial Fill is really the best way to flush all channels at once, and doing a ton of power clean or other cleaning cycles can 1. fry the print head and 2. don’t charge both black channels at the same time.
You could print a bunch of purge sheets using QuadTone RIP Compatibility Mode, but the Initial Fill is really the best way to flush all channels of your printer without charging the piezo crystals in your print head.


Bingo Dana you nailed it. I connected via USB and the adjustment program finds the printer. Maybe this will help someone in the future.

Thanks alot (-:slight_smile:


Fantastic- glad to hear!! :slight_smile: