Epson 4880 - trying to flush heads, but having network/usb communication issues

Hi -
I’m trying to resurrect a 4880 that has been sitting. Most of what I’ve done so far, soaking heads and running flush through the lines, has done from the front panel. I was asked by Wells from IJM support to try producing a manual nozzle check, which required me adding the 4880 as a printer on Win 10, which I did. I was successful adding both through ethernet and USB ports. However, when I try to do a nozzle check, the printer just sits there, and the eventually I get an error in the printer queue on win 10. Wells suggested I post the question here. I hope this is the right group.


you can just turn auto nozzle check off on the 4880 and then run a manual one directly from the control panel of the printer.

Also, you need to turn ethernet (networking) off on the 4880 control panel in order for USB to work. These older printers were finicky.