Epson 4880 print head clogged

I have replace all the cartridges with piezoflush to flush out the epson existing ink in the printed. After three power clean, I did test print and i all fine, all the pink in solid pink. But after when I fill in with the Vermont Photoink, the print head is clogged. I have tried cleaning it several time and is totally clogged. Please advice what should I do.

Another problem I encounter is the chips is not recognise by the printed, I have to change the original Epson cartridge chips and it work.

Hi Izer~

What channel(s) are “clogged” after installing your Piezography refillable ink cartridges?
Did you prime the exit channels of all the ink carts before installing into your printer, and open all the cartridge air vent holes prior to charging your printer with Piezography ink? Cartridges must be primed and air vent holes open for proper ink flow.

Please let me know so I can help you past this, thanks~ Dana

Ok, I will try to open the air vent, will update you again.

One more issue, how about the chips problems, it cannot recognise by the printer.

If the cartridge air vents were closed when you installed the refillable carts, and attempted to charge your printer with Piezography inks, then you will need to open the air vent holes and re-charge your printer by running 3-4 Power Clean cycles or an Initial Fill cycle to fill the internal ink lines with ink.

What is the exact message your printer displayed when you installed the refillable carts with original chips attached?
What are the part#'s on your Epson carts?

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana

The massage displayed on the screen when I installed the refillable cats with the chips thats is attached to it : SET INK CRTG

Epson carts number T6061 - T6069

I have another printerEpson 9880 is ready for the change to Piezo ink, please give me the steps and guidance what should I follows.

Thank you

The refill carts/chips should be correct for your printer… Are you getting this error with ALL carts, or an individual cart? Using the OEM chips on the refill carts is a good solution, but shouldn’t be necessary unless the cartridge chips somehow got shorted out.

What inks are currently installed in your 9880 printer? We have information for flushing printers here:
Piezography ink shade placement and cartridge specific information can be found in the 7880/9880 refill cartridge instructions, which you can find on the instruction tab of the 7880/9880 refill cartridge product page on our website.

Please let me know if you have further questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Hi Dana,

Thank you for your advise, the Epson 9880 is now running on piezo ink…

Now is only the Epson 4880 cannot proceed. We have called for the Espon technician to check, we where told that we have changed the original chips several times on the carts and it loosen and damage one of the sensor.
He also suspect print head is damage due to the mixing of the piezo ink and epson ink . The circuit in the print head may be have short circuit. He will arrange another day to check once the sensor is replaced.


Thanks for the update Desmond, I"m glad to hear your 9880 is now set up and working well with Piezography inks.

Regarding your 4880: if you replaced chips on the carts, and the chips were not attached flat/flush on the carts, then yes- that could have caused damage to the printer’s chip sensors. This would show up as a consistent “NO cartridge” error for the position with the damaged sensor, no matter what cartridge you install.

It is NOT possible that Piezography inks damaged your print head. We have thousands of customers using Piezography inks in a wide range of Epson printer models for many years, with excellent results. Piezography inks are totally compatible with Epson inks, as is PiezoFlush.

If you didn’t open the air vent plugs when installing the Piezography cartridges in your 4880, and attempted to charge your printer, this would have certainly caused no ink to print from any channel due to a vacuum being created in the ink system. The 4880 cartridges have air vents, which MUST be open for proper ink flow when the printer is in use- though, we recommend closing the vent holes when the printer is not in use to prevent evaporation and contamination from stuff from getting inside the carts. It could be possible that the print head or pump experienced strain if the cartridge air vent holes were not open prior to charging your printer with Piezography inks, though often times (a few other customers have accidentally forgot to open the vent holes over the years), this is resolved by opening the cartridge vent holes and preforming another Initial Fill cycle.

Please let me know if you have further questions, or there’s anything else we can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thank you for your advised.

There is still a problem if the printer 4880 doesn’t recognise the piezo carts chip, then I have to change the chips and this process the chips contact to the cats may loose and again damage the sensors.
I know the piezography ink will work on the printer but the main problem now is the chips.

And also I will like to highlight, although the carts can read by the printer 9880, but it doesn’t read the ink level even I reset it.


You are very welcome Desmond.

Please inspect your 4880 refill carts closely to make sure the chips are attached flat/flush in the chip area. Once the 4880 chip sensor is replaced, install the carts to check how the printer responds. Looking back at our previous posts, I don’t see that you responded to my question: are you getting the "SET INK CARTG: error with ALL 4880 carts, or an individual cart? Using the OEM chips on the refill carts is a good solution, but shouldn’t be necessary unless the cartridge chips somehow got shorted out.

As per our 7880/9880 refillable cartridge instructions, under the “Refiling Cartridges” section, we explain the non-read of ink levels is normal with third-party carts: “Some printer models do not display ink levels when using third-party cartridges, but the printer will still indicate a cartridge is empty and needs to be replaced, though will not specify which cart. At this time refill any carts that are low and reset ALL cartridge chips. Monitor ink levels in the cartridges and refill any before the ink reaches about 1/2” from the bottom to avoid introducing air into the ink lines of your printer.”

Please keep me posted and let me know if you have further questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Hi Dana,
The sensor for the epson 4880 is already replaced, the refill carts is still not acceptable by the printer, the message shown: “WRONG INK CARTG” . Base on the epson technician, he said we need to change the firm ware so that the printer able the accept the refill carts. Here we don’t have this firm ware, can I asked what is your advise for this problem.

Best regards,

Hi Desmond~

I’m sorry to hear of your continued errors, and for not responding sooner (I have been out for a few days recently after getting married last weekend).

I’ve never heard of this happening before, and it’s strange for sure. After re-reading your previous posts, it seems you were able to do power clean cycles with the set of refillable cartridges filled with PiezoFlush, but get the “wrong cartridge” error after installing the set of carts filled with ink, is that correct? Did you use the Epson cartridge chips on the refillable carts to get them to be accepted by your printer, or did you have different results with the to sets of refill carts? You originally said you were getting the “SET INK CARTG” error, but now report “WRONG INK CARTRIDGE”, are you getting this error with ALL refillable carts, or just some?

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana :slight_smile:

Hi Dana,
Congratulation on your wedding day.

All the while I’m using the epson chip on the refillable carts, the original refillable chips always give a “WRONG INK CARTG” message.
The sensor was damage because the chips didn’t sit in properly when I change the chip.
Problem will occur again if I keep changing the chips.

Please advise if there is firm ware can correct the sensor? As in Singapore according to the Espson technician, we don’t have but in US there is this firm ware to change the sensor to read the chips.

Best regards

Hi Desmond~

Thanks for your congratulations :slight_smile:

I recommend you continue using the Epson chips on your 4880 refillable carts (make sure they’re secured straight and flat before installing into your printer to avoid damaging the chip sensors again). If you have a fair amount of ink remaining in your Epson carts, then keep them in sealed plastic bags and you can reattach chips in the future if you wish to use them again.

I am unaware of a way to go back and install a previous firmware version, but if it IS possible, assume it would require using the Adjustment Program, though don’t know if there’s a bank of firmware versions to select which you want to install. From the Epson site, you only have the option to do a firmware update, not go back. I also can’t confirm if a previous firmware version would make your printer accept the refillable cartridge chips, though suspect the firmware is to blame, as I’ve never heard of a printer not accepting these carts/chips, and we’ve been selling them to people around the world for several years with great results.

Best regards~ Dana

Hi Dana,

I have been working well with the 9880 printer with the piezo ink, now we will like to convert the espon 9900 to piezo ink too, will you recommend for it?

The 4880 still hanging there unable to use. Or will it help if I will to get another set of refillable carts ?

Best regards

Hi Desmond~

I’m glad your 9880 is working well with Piezography. We do support the x900 printers with Piezography, but there are frequent issues with those printer models with head and other physical failures. How old is your 9900, and what inks have you been using in it? Are you interested in printing Piezography matte/rag, gloss or both with the 9900?

Why is the 4880 still unable to use? If the printer firmware won’t allow it to accept the refillable cartridge ships, but it does work with chips from Epson carts on the refill carts, then a new set of refill carts won’t work any different, and you should use Epson chips on the Piezography refill carts to be able to use that printer, since you can’t go backwards with printer firmware.

Best~ Dana

Hi Dana,

The printer 9900 is a new printer just bought two months ago and is using epson ultralchrome HDR ink at the moment.
I am intent to print on both matt and gloss.
For the 4880 problem is the new epson chip now cannot be reset, once it reset it unable to work already. That’s why I am facing problem here.


Hi Desmond~

I’m sorry to hear of your continued troubles with the 4880, I’ve never heard of 4880 Epson cartridge chips not working after resetting… that is certainly frustrating!

You can certainly convert your 9900 to Piezography, though as I said, the GO coating with a x900 printer model can be fussy and inconsistent, working correctly some times, then not fully coating a print other times (even the exact same image with same settings, etc…)

Best regards~ Dana